Christos Kazassis

Bioengineer - Biomedical Technology Expert

Educated in  UK  and  Sweden  (B.Sc. (Hon),  M.Sc.,  Ph.D.), in the fields of Bioengineering and Health Technology assessment.
Emeritus  Member of the  Technical  Chamber of  Greece,  and ex-member at various  Scientific Societies and Associations in the fields of Bioengineering and  Health  Technology  Assessment.
Technical  Advisor to the Ministry of  Health in  Cyprus  (2002-2006)  for the medical Equipment.
Technical  Advisor to the  Greek Ministry of  Health  (2011-2012).
Member of the working group for “Evaluation of technology levels in the  National Health  System” Technical  Advisor to the  Greek  Radiological  Association for the “cost analysis of medical imaging examinations”.
Editor of the  “SCANNER”  and of the  Annual  Report of  Medical  Devices and products in  Greece.
Freelance  Healthcare  Technology  Consultant– Expert