Panayote Stravolemos

Managing Director – General Manager of MENARINI Diagnostics Greece, member of The MENARINI Group

Graduated in Biology from the School of Science at the University of Patras; graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Paris 7; completed postgraduate education in Advanced Marketing from the Athens institute of ELKEPA.

Has had an extended career in the fields of Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, offering services in different positions to different International companies, like Sanofi and Organon Teknika. Introduced MENARINI Diagnostics to the Greek Biotechnology market.

Also participates in important scientific events with publications, like the “European collaborative Study of synthetic GRF” (Baltimore, Maryland). 

Has represented and still does multiple firms for various business associations.

Currently serves as a reelected member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Health-Research and Biotechnology Industry (SEIV).