Christos Daramilas

Biologist, MSc “Care in Diabetes Mellitus", President of the Panhellenic Federation of Associations of People with Diabetes (P.F.A.P.D.).

Christos Kazassis

Bioengineer - Biomedical Technology Expert

Ioannis Karafyllis

Supply Chain and Procurement expert

Gerry Livadas

President Association of Health – Research & Biotechnology Industry for Greece, founder and Managing Director of A & L Medical Supplies SA

Costas Mariakis

Treasurer, Health-Research and Biotechnology Industry (SEIV) & General Manager, New Diagnostic Dimension Ltd

Panayote Stravolemos

Managing Director – General Manager of MENARINI Diagnostics Greece, member of The MENARINI Group

Athanasios N. Chalazonitis

MD, MPH, PhD, Radiology Department Chairman, “Alexandra” General Hospital Athens, Greece

Giota Veliu

International Manager, Health Economics & Reimbursement, Abbott Medical based in Brussels